We are creating an open-source electronics for your DIY home automation projects

We are electronics lovers, open-source and DIY supporters, friends who are building not a start-up but a real long-term company, part of the amazing Jablotron Group.

BigClown is:



We believe in the open-source movement. We share all information about our hardware, software and documentation. No hidden catches!



Our focus is to build a secure system which is under your total control. That’s why we are implementing cryptographic integrity, authentication and privacy. And it will be up to you, if you will connect your system to the internet.



We are humans too, so we understand how important is to create products which are easy to understand, install and use. Because of that our system doesn't need any soldering or wiring. And what's more, we are adding 24/7 support to help you finish your projects.



BigClown brings full documentation, examples, simple HW interfaces and SW APIs with a component structure. That means you will be able to add new functionalities or perform integrations if needed.



For our products we are using components only from proven suppliers. And the best part - you will get a 10-year warranty. Pretty cool, isn’t it?

First impressions of BigClown

Štěpán Bechynský Technology Solutions Professional, Microsoft

I often solve problems where the customer needs a small number of tailor-made devices. Custom hardware development is very expensive, so I do like BigClown modularity and I consider this solution as a good achievement, and not only for electronics enthusiasts.

Ondřej Filip Managing Director CZ.NIC

We have been cooperating successfully with the BigClown Team for a long time and we are looking forward to test this solution of home automation with our routers Turris and Turris Omnia.

Filip Dřímalka Technological Innovations Specialist

The BigClown project looks great and has great business sense. In my opinion, similar innovations in the IoT area can drive the entire “Smart everything” segment rocketing forward.

Michal Valášek Independent IT Security Expert

When I got familiar with the BigClown IoT platform I felt like saying “shut up and take my money”. Because this solution not only allows creators to secure things, but even tries to make it easier. This is really unprecedented in the industry.

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