The BigClown system is open-source and is developed through the GitHub platform, where you can find source data in individual repositories or download the pre-compiled packages from the section Releases.

The GitHub organization name is bigclownlabs and you can find its page at

For better clarity, each repository has its prefix name that determines what it has for the content.

Basic Repositories

Repository Description Releases
bc‑enclosures Enclosures and their 3D models in the STL format -
bc‑hardware Hardware design data - schematic/assembly drawings, etc. -
bc‑raspbian Modified Linux distribution Raspbian for Raspberry Pi Yes
bc‑website Source repository for the website, documentation, blog, etc. -

Hub/Host Repositories

Repositories with the prefix bch contain application software for the hub or development system (host).

Repository Description Releases
bch‑dashboard Web application for easy radio pairing and firmware upgrade Yes
bch‑firmware‑tool CLI tool for easy fimware operations - creation, flashing, etc. Yes
bch‑gateway Gateway as a background service connecting USB gateway device and MQTT Yes
bch‑playground‑windows Playground setup for the Windows platform Yes
bch‑toolchain‑windows Toolchain setup for the Windows platform Yes

Kit Firmware Repositories

Repositories with the prefix bcf-kit contain firmware for the specific kit.

Repository Description Releases
bcf‑kit‑sigfox‑climate‑monitor Firmware for the Sigfox Climate Monitor Kit Yes
bcf‑kit‑sigfox‑co2‑monitor Firmware for the Sigfox CO2 Monitor Kit Yes
bcf‑kit‑sigfox‑motion‑detector Firmware for the Sigfox Motion Detector Kit Yes
bcf‑kit‑sigfox‑pulse‑counter Firmware for the Sigfox Pulse Counter Kit Yes
bcf‑kit‑sigfox‑push‑button Firmware for the Sigfox Push Button Kit Yes
bcf‑kit‑wireless‑climate‑monitor Firmware for the Climate Monitor Kit Travis Release
bcf‑kit‑wireless‑co2‑monitor Firmware for the CO2 Monitor Kit Travis Release
bcf‑kit‑wireless‑flood‑detector Firmware for the Flood Detector Kit Travis Release
bcf‑kit‑wireless‑lcd‑thermostat Firmware for the LCD Thermostat Kit Travis Release
bcf‑kit‑wireless‑motion‑detector Firmware for the Motion Detector Kit Travis Release
bcf‑kit‑wireless‑power‑controller Firmware for the Push Button Kit Travis Release
bcf‑kit‑wireless‑push‑button Firmware for the Push Button Kit Travis Release

Firmware Repositories

Repositories with the prefix bcf contain firmware projects for the USB Dongle, Core Module or Cloony.

Repository Description Releases
bcf‑gateway Firmware gateway for the USB Dongle or Core Module Travis Release
bcf‑generic‑node Universal firmware for the wireless nodes Travis Release
bcf‑sdk SDK for the firmware development - part of the projects as Git submodule -
bcf‑skeleton Empty firmware skeleton for your new project -
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