Please see the bc_servo functions in the BigClown SDK.

First initialize the servo output by calling function

bc_servo_init (bc_servo_t *self, bc_pwm_channel_t channel)

The channel parameter can be one of the output pins. Please check the Core Module pinout to see which pins allows PWM.

BC_PWM_P1  // Power Module LED connector

Then you can control the servo signal and the servo movement. You can use function to set the pulse length in microseconds or you can write directly the desired angle between the 0-180 degrees.

bc_servo_set_microseconds (bc_servo_t *self, uint16_t us)
bc_servo_get_angle (bc_servo_t *self)

In case you need to tune the pulse length limits. Use bc_servo_set_pulse_limits() function.

Example code

bc_servo_t servo;

void application_init()
    bc_servo_init(&servo, BC_PWM_P0);
    bc_servo_set_microseconds(&servo, 1500);

Example project

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