Core module comes with integrated temperature sensor TMP112. It is high accuracy and low power sensor connected via I2C bus (see address space). If you want to take a look how TMP112 is connected, please take a look at schematic.

How Does it Work?

  • TMP112 is instantiated
  • when measurement happens, event handler can be triggered
  • last measured temperature can be retrieved anytime
  • SDK provides functions to get temperature in:
    • raw format (int16_t)
    • Celsius degrees (float)
    • Fahrenheit degrees (float)
    • kelvin (float)

Types of Measurements

Manual - we can make manual measurement whenever we want to. This is achieved by calling the bc_tmp112_measure(bc_tmp112_t *self) function from SDK.

With Scheduler, repeatedly - thanks to the Scheduler you can define, when the periodic measurement should happen. For this, we have the bc_tmp112_set_update_interval(bc_tmp112_t *self, bc_tick_t interval) function.

  • *self is an address to an TMP112 instance
  • interval is number of milliseconds, defining time between measurements

Recognizable TMP112 Events

  • BC_TMP112_EVENT_ERROR - an error occurred during a measurement
  • BC_TMP112_EVENT_UPDATE - a measurement was completed successfully


In this example we make measurement every 5 seconds and send data over USB in format:

12.3456 °C

Place code below in application.c file and flash. Use of application.h file is not required here.

#include <bcl.h>
#include <bc_usb_cdc.h>

bc_tmp112_t temp;

void tmp112_event_handler(bc_tmp112_t *self, bc_tmp112_event_t event, void *event_param)
    (void) self;
    (void) event_param;

    if (event == BC_TMP112_EVENT_UPDATE)
        float temperature = 0.0;
        int16_t rawTemperature = 0;
        bc_tmp112_get_temperature_celsius(&temp, &temperature);
        bc_tmp112_get_temperature_raw(&temp, &rawTemperature);
        char buffer[30];
        sprintf(buffer, "%.4f °C\r\n%d\r\n", temperature, rawTemperature);
        bc_usb_cdc_write(buffer, strlen(buffer));

void application_init(void)
    // initialize USB communication

    // initialize TMP112 sensor
    bc_tmp112_init(&temp, BC_I2C_I2C0, 0x49);

    // set measurement handler (call "tmp112_event_handler()" after measurement)
    bc_tmp112_set_event_handler(&temp, tmp112_event_handler, NULL);

    // automatically measure the temperature every 5 seconds
    bc_tmp112_set_update_interval(&temp, 5000);
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