The following table lists the I²C addresses used across the BigClown system.

All addresses are provided in a 7-bit format.

Address Chip BigClown product Remark
0x08 NT3H2011 NFC Tag Changed from default to avoid collision
0x19 LIS2DH12 Core Module Channel I2C0
0x20 TCA9534 IQRF Module
0x21 TCA9534 GPS Module
0x22 TCA9534 RFID Module
0x23 TCA9534 Infragrid Module
0x24 TCA9534 Ethernet Module
0x25 TCA9534 Reserved
0x26 TCA9534 Reserved
0x27 TCA9534 Reserved
0x38 TCA9534A CO2 Module
0x39 TCA9534A Reserved
0x3a TCA9534A Reserved
0x3b TCA9534A Relay Module Default address
0x3c TCA9534A LCD Module
0x3d TCA9534A Reserved
0x3e TCA9534A Sensor Module Default address
0x3f TCA9534A Relay Module Alternate address
0x40 SHT20 Humidity Tag (R3.x+), Climate Module
0x40 HDC2080 Humidity Tag (R2.x+) Default address
0x41 HDC2080 Humidity Tag (R2.x+) Alternate address
0x44 OPT3001 Lux Meter Tag, Climate Module Default address
0x45 OPT3001 Lux Meter Tag Alternate address
0x48 TMP112 Temperature Tag, Climate Module Default address
0x49 TMP112 Temperature Tag Alternate address
0x49 TMP112 Core Module, Cloony Channel I2C0
0x4d SC16IS740 CO2 Module I2C to UART bridge Channel I2C0
0x4e SC16IS750 RS-485 Module I2C to UART bridge Channel I2C0
0x4f SC16IS750 RS-232 Module I2C to UART bridge Channel I2C0
0x58 SGP30 VOC Tag Default address
0x5f HTS221 Humidity Tag (R1.x)
0x60 MPL3115A2 Barometer Tag, Climate Module
0x64 ATSHA204A Core Module, Radio Dongle, Cloony Channel I2C0
0x64 ATSHA204A Radio Dongle Channel I2C1


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