Generic Node Topics

Detailed list of topics is in README in GitHub repository bcf-generic-node.

Explanation MQTT Topic
Firmware info node/{id}/info
{"firmware": "motion-detector", "version": "v1.3.0"}
Battery Module voltage node/{id}/battery/standard/voltage
Mini Battery Module voltage node/{id}/battery/mini/voltage
Illuminance node/{id}/lux-meter/0:0/illuminance
Relative humidity node/{id}/hygrometer/0:2/relative-humidity
Pressure node/{id}/barometer/0:0/pressure
Altitude node/{id}/barometer/0:0/altitude
Temperature node/{id}/thermometer/0:1/temperature
CO2 meter node/{id}/co2-meter/-/concentration
Allowed values true/false
Power Module relay set node/{id}/relay/-/state/set
response: node/{id}/relay/-/state
Power Module relay get node/{id}/relay/-/state/get
response: node/{id}/relay/-/state
Relay Module node/{id}/relay/0:0/state/set
response: node/{id}/relay/0:0/state
Relay Module get node/{id}/relay/0:0/state/get
response: node/{id}/relay/0:0/state
Relay Module pulse node/{id}/relay/0:0/pulse/set
{"duration":200, "direction":true}
LED on the Core Module node/{id}/led/-/state/set
Button press node/{id}/push-button/-/event-count
Object movement detection node/{id}/pir/-/event-count
LED Strip on the Power Module
Set brightness 0-100% node/{id}/led-strip/-/brightness/set
Set color "#250000" or RGBW "#250000(80)" node/{id}/led-strip/-/color/set
Set compound node/{id}/led-strip/-/compound/set
[20, "#ff0000", 20, "#00ff00"]
Set effect node/{id}/led-strip/-/effect/set
{"type":"rainbow", "wait":50}
{"type":"rainbow-cycle", "wait":50}
{"type":"theater-chase-rainbow", "wait":50}
{"type":"color-wipe", "wait":50, "color":"#800000"}
{"type":"theater-chase", "wait":50, "color":"#008000"}
{"type":"stroboscope", "wait":50, "color":"#0000ff"}
{"type":"icicle", "wait":50, "color":"#ff0000"}
{"type":"pulse-color", "wait":200, "color":"#ff0000"}
Thermometer effect node/{id}/led-strip/-/thermometer/set
{"temperature": 22.5, "min":-20, "max": 50}
turn on "backlight" (0-255)
{"temperature": 22.5, "min":-20, "max": 50, "white-dots": 10}
display a set point pixel with a selected color
{"temperature": 22.5, "min":-20, "max": 50, "set-point": 30, "color":"#ff0000"}
{"temperature": 22.5, "min":-20, "max": 50, "white-dots": 10, "set-point": 30, "color":"#ff0000"}
display only set-point
{"temperature": -20, "min":-20, "max": 50, "set-point": 30, "color":"#00ff00"}
LCD Module
left button node/{id}/push-button/lcd:left/event-count
right button node/{id}/push-button/lcd:right/event-count
clear screen node/{id}/lcd/-/screen/clear
write text node/{id}/lcd/-/text/set
{"x": 5, "y": 10, "text": "BigClown"}
{"x": 5, "y": 40, "text": "BigClown", "font": 28}

Gateway Topics

Detailed list of topics is in README in GitHub repository bch-gateway

Explanation MQTT Topic
start gateway/{id}/pairing-mode/start
response: gateway/{id}/pairing-mode "start"
stop gateway/{id}/pairing-mode/stop
response: gateway/{id}/pairing-mode "stop"
Paired nodes
list gateway/{id}/nodes/get
response: gateway/{id}/nodes
[{"id": "a7c8b05762dd", "alias": "generic-node:0"},
{"id": "836d1983718a", "alias": "lcd-thermostat:0"}]
purge all nodes gateway/{id}/nodes/purge
response: gateway/{id}/nodes []
Manual add/remove
add gateway/{id}/nodes/add
response: gateway/{id}/attach "{id-node}"
remove gateway/{id}/nodes/remove
response: gateway/{id}/detach "{id-node}"
set gateway/{id}/alias/set
{"id": "id-node", "alias": "new-name"}
remove gateway/{id}/alias/remove
remove gateway/{id}/alias/set
{"id": "id-node", "alias": null}
Scan wireless
start gateway/{id}/scan/start
response: gateway/{id}/scan "start"
found node: gateway/{id}/found "{id-node}"
stop gateway/{id}/scan/stop
response: gateway/{id}/scan "stop"

Mosquitto command examples

Send to all connected gateways:

mosquitto_pub -t gateway/all/pairing-mode/start -n
mosquitto_pub -t gateway/all/pairing-mode/stop -n
mosquitto_pub -t gateway/all/nodes/get -n
mosquitto_pub -t gateway/all/nodes/purge -n

Gateway named "usb-dongle":

mosquitto_pub -t gateway/usb-dongle/pairing-mode/start -n
mosquitto_pub -t gateway/usb-dongle/pairing-mode/stop -n

Gateway named "core-module":

mosquitto_pub -t gateway/core-module/pairing-mode/start -n
mosquitto_pub -t gateway/core-module/pairing-mode/stop -n

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