This multi-platform Python tool is a "Swiss knife" to control the radio and nodes.

Install & Upgrade

sudo pip3 install --upgrade --no-cache-dir bch

Usage examples

Subscribe to all MQTT topics (#)

    bch sub

Subscribe to MQTT broker running on hub.local host

    bch -H hub.local sub

Subscribe to specific topic

    bch sub node/kitchen/#

Publish MQTT message on MQTT broker running localhost

    bch pub node/kitchen/thermometer/0:0/temperature 21.70

Start pairing mode

    bch pairing --start
    bch -H hub.local pairing --start

Stop pairing mode

    bch pairing --stop
    bch -H hub.local pairing --stop

Rename node

    bch node rename generic-node:0 kitchen
    bch node rename 836d19831c4a garden

List paired nodes

    bch node list

Remove node. By name or ID

    bch node remove garden
    bch node remove 836d19831c4a

bch --help

Usage: bch [OPTIONS] COMMAND [ARGS]...

  --gateway TEXT                 Gateway name [default: usb-dongle].
  -H, --mqtt-host TEXT           MQTT host to connect to [default:].
  -P, --mqtt-port INTEGER RANGE  MQTT port to connect to [default: 1883].
  --mqtt-username TEXT           MQTT username.
  --mqtt-password TEXT           MQTT password.
  --mqtt-cafile PATH             MQTT cafile.
  --mqtt-certfile PATH           MQTT certfile.
  --mqtt-keyfile PATH            MQTT keyfile.
  -v, --verbosity LVL            Either CRITICAL, ERROR, WARNING, INFO or
  -h, --help                     Show this message and exit.

  gw       Gateway
  sub      Subscribe topic.
  version  Show program's version number and exit.

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