In this document I will show you how to install bch-dashboard. If you are not familiar with CLI to log your MQTT broker then you can use this tool to graphicallly access MQTT log and you can control your nodes as well. This tool is also usefule for debugging your MQTT flow.

Feel free to report all issues on GitHub.


  • Workstation with Windows, macOS, Ubuntu
  • BigClown USB Dongle
  • One of the BigClown IoT kits
  • Raspberry Pi 3 or above

Dashboard setup

  1. Connect via SSH to your Raspberry Pi.

  2. Make sure that git and Node.js are installed by typing:

    git --version && node --version
  1. Clone dashboard repo from BigClown GitHub account.
    git clone
  1. Navigate to the directory.
    cd ./bch-dashboard
  1. Install all dependencies.
    npm install
  1. Run the local webserver by typing:
    npm run rpi
  1. You can acces your Dashboard by your internet explorer (Google Chrome is recommended) in your LAN: hub.local:3000 or <ip-of-raspberry>:3000.

How to use Dashboard


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