In this document I will show you how to install bch-firmware-app. If you are not familiar with CLI to flash or maintain your binaries to the MCU, you can use this GUI cross-platform application to do that!

Feel free to report all issues on GitHub. You can contribude to the project as well!


  • Workstation with Windows, macOS
  • BigClown USB Dongle

GUI flashing app setup

Application can be downloaded from GitHub releases.

How to use GUI flashing app

When your launch the app it will not be synchronized. Sou you need to hit the refresh button to cache content from BigClown Labs GitHub repo. It will fetch all repositories starting with bcf.

Once you fetch the repo, you will have an opportunity to download the binary from GitHub. Online connectivity is only required when you want to fetch repos again or you want to download binary to you PC.

When you are ready to flash binary to your MCU, simply just click on bolt in left navigation. It will redirect you to the flashing page. Then just just select binary, select port and click big flashing button. Then the progress bar will appear.

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