Toilet Night Lamp

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I went to the bathroom yesterday night and I couldn't find the light switch. After I found it I was blinded by the strong light bulb that I have there. So I decided that I will make a more comfortable solution.

I made smart Motion controlled Night lamp with BigClown and Node-RED.

Now I just walk into my bathroom and lights are on. I can adjust the color and brightness of the light so it is not as aggressive as a normal light bulb. It triggers after a specific hour that I can change in Node-RED or Blynk any time.

What you need

Step 1: Build Hardware

Connect Core Module and Power Module together last thing you need is PIR module that goes into Core Module Then connect 5V Power Adapter and LED strip to Power Module and that's it.

PIR Detector, Core Module, LED Strip and Power Module

Step 2: Flash firmware to Core module

Connect Core Module to your computer, open BigClown Playground and flash firmware onto it.

flash firmware

BigClown Playground also contains all the other functionality for pairing the wireless Core Module with the Radio Dongle on your computer. BigClown Playground also contains Node-RED with possibility to control this whole project. You can later use Raspberry Pi with BigClown Raspbian image that has all the things the BigClown Playground has - it's just running on Raspberry Pi.

Step 3: Pair Node

You have to pair the wireless Core Module with Radio Dongle in your computer.

  • Connect Radio Dongle to your computer
  • In BigClown Playground go to Devices tab
  • Choose the connected Radio Dongle from the list and click Connect
  • Click Start pairing button
  • Power up the Core Module by plugging DC Adapter to the Power Module
  • The device will appear in the table with alias night-lamp:0
  • Don't forget to stop pairing by clicking Stop pairing

How to pair nodes with BigClown Playground

Correctly paired node

Step 4: Import Function

Open Node-RED in the Playground or Raspberry Pi and import this function in the Menu -> Import -> Clipboard. Do not forget to hit "Deploy" in the top right corner to apply the changes.

This flow is all set up for complete control of Night Lamp project. And ready for Blynk use. And you don't have to worry about the power outage, it saves all needed variables.

NODE-RED functions

Step 5: Blynk integration

This project is ready for Blynk integration. How to set up blynk with your BigClown Playground is described here. Start from step 2 and in step 4 scan QR code that is shown below.

QR code for Blynk

Everything in Blynk project is connected to Dashboard in BigClown Playground so you can control it from both applications without any problems.

You can set brightness, color and the time for how long it will stay up after last movement was registered by the device. Also you can set when it will start registering movements and when it stops.

Layout of Blynk Application


You can take this project and use it at more places so you won't have to bother with any light switches at night, it will turn on and off automaticaly.