5 Steps to Start Learning Digital Skills

Build hardware, connect it wirelessly to your computer
and set up notifications for the smartphone.
Let's go...

1Build Hardware

Plug all three modules together to build the kit. Note the orientation of the Mini Battery Module.

2Set Up Wireless Communication

  • Download and Install BigClown Playground application
  • Plug Radio Dongle to your computer
  • Open BigClown Playground and open "Devices" tab
  • Click on "Connect" button

3Set Up Smartphone App

  • Download the Blynk app from App Store or Google Play. Create an account and log-in.
  • Click on "QR code" icon in the right corner
  • Scan QR Code from this page. You find it on the left
  • Send Auth Token to your e-mail
  • Click on the play ▶ to start the project

4Connect Starter Kit with Smartphone App To Get Notifications

  • Open "Functions" tab in BigClown Playground app and import the Blynk flow
  • Double click on Blynk notification node
  • Click on "Pencil" icon and paste Auth Token from Blynk
  • Save changes by clicking "Done"
  • Click on "Deploy" button

5Push The Button!

And you should get the notification on your smartphone

Detailed tutorial

Need help?

Don’t worry, our BigClown’s support team will help you